My research addresses the ways in which education can enhance the vitality of American democracy. In particular, I focus on ways to ensure that young people (including those from marginalized backgrounds) can play an active role in shaping their communities and the decision-making processes of elected officials. My experiences as a public school teacher and an instructor of record at both Northwestern University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago have taught me that the classroom is an important environment to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve these ends. Continue reading my teaching statement below or download it here.

Assistant Professor, University of Miami

  • Race and Ethnic Politics (undergraduate), Fall 2022 (syllabus)
  • Urban and Local Politics (undergraduate and graduate), Fall 2022 (syllabus)

Adjunct Instructor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Adjunct Instructor, Northwestern University

Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University

  • Political Parties and Elections (undergraduate), Prof. Tabitha Bonilla, Spring 2019 (course evaluations)
  • U.S. Environmental Politics (undergraduate), Prof. Kim Marion Suiseeya, Winter 2019 (course evaluations)
  • American Politics and Government (undergraduate), Prof. Thomas Ogorzalek, Fall 2018 (course evaluations)
  • Studying Public Opinion (undergraduate), Prof. James Druckman, Spring 2018            (course evaluations)
  • Honors Thesis Seminar (undergraduate), Prof. Andrew Roberts, Fall and Winter 2018

Fifth Grade Teacher, San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD)

  • August 2012-June 2014
  • Rising Star Teacher Award Winner (Awarded for excellence during the first year of teaching)

Fifth Grade Teacher, The Israel Program for Excellence in English (TALMA)

  • June 2014-August 2014

High School Entrance Exam and ACT Tutor, Nurturing Wisdom Chicago

  • September 2014-present

Additional Training

  • Teach For America, June 2012-June 2014
  • Texas Teacher Orientation and Preparation Program, June 2012-June 2013